Lite Trading Platform

Investiva Lite has built-in support for Interactive Brokers‘ accounts with a sophisticated API that enables multiple order types and instant execution. Other Prime Brokers can be integrated into custom implementations.

Investiva Lite can process trading actions from multiple sources such as CSVs, JSON, or SQL/MySQL Databases.

Our Lite platform is algorithm-neutral and can execute the trading actions received from your custom Machine Learning algorithms or rule-based models.

Why Investiva Lite?

Investiva Lite is a fully cloud-based platform to manage and automate trading actions, trading reports, portfolio reports, and NAV calculations, all in one place.

Problems with Manual Trading

Manual trading is inefficient. It is difficult to follow the market all the time or observe many financial assets simultaneously.

Additionally, manual trading usually depends on multiple providers and platforms for different functions such as trading execution, reporting, and Net Asset Value calculation.

Algorithmic traders usually have to use multiple connections and APIs to be able to utilise multiple strategies or models.

Current Broker APIs are complex and inefficient

Depending on traditional human monitoring and control is becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, the available brokers’ APIs are complex and challenging to customise.

Active traders and portfolio managers need to focus on trading management rather than customising API code or spending months on development or debugging.

Many current APIs do not support advanced order types such as Iceberg or Smart Routing orders.

Our Solution

A True Autonomous Platform

Investiva Lite is a True Autonomous platform that completely automates your trading process. All that it needs is the trading actions from your model or algorithm. It then connects automatically to the broker to place and manage your positions.

Investiva API allows access to live market data directly from your broker. The platform runs effective and accurate trading actions and automatically reports on positions and portfolio performance.

Multiple trading controls are available on the platform, such as Closing Specific Positions, Stopping Trading, Closing All Positions, or Closing All Profitable Positions.

Powerful Features

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