Predictiva© is Fully Cloud Based
No Infrastructure for you to set up, and nothing to install. We connect to
and collect data from your current maintenance management platforms
or import historical performance files directly into our solution

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Advanced machine learning algorithms, developed by Predictiva from the ground up.
We provide effective and accurate detection, diagnostic, prognostic and health calculations
for any machine type and up to big data scales

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We Create Unique Business Value Through

Data Collection

We collect data directly from your factory historian software, IoT System, or raw CSV data files.

User-Friendly Portal

A user-friendly portal to easily access your machine performance data and predictive analytics.

Direct Support

Our dedicated support teams are here to always assist you and answer your questions.

Advanced Analytics

Effective and accurate detection, diagnostic, prognostic and health metrics.

Insights and Alerts

Instant web and mobile notifications to operators and maintainers with current and possible failures.

Action Tracking

Track actions and response time of maintenance team to improve the model and increase productivity.

welcome to The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Predictiva was born on the back of an academic research conducted by Predictiva’s founder on the effectiveness of adopting Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in manufacturing organisations in the United Kingdom. Our research showed that organisations utilising PdM can save up to 70% of its total operating costs.

Industry 4.0 focuses on the ability of “smart” machines to perform autonomously and provide statistical data on their physical processes. Predictiva is an innovative cloud-based PdM solution to enable organisations to adapt true Industry 4.0 best practices.

Predictiva PdM is your operations tool for reducing unplanned machine downtime, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and reducing the machine Lifecycle Costs (LCC).

Distilling its expertise into proprietary IP, Predictiva PdM is driven by Industry 4.0 / the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We use the latest Machine-Learning technologies to achieve Predictive Maintenance best practices; leveraging the cloud to provide an enterprise-scale yet easy to use platform which automates the analysis and detection of anomalies. This gives you and your team on the shop floor accurate and relevant machine health insights to improve maintenance efficiency, without requiring in-house IT expertise.


Use your most valuable asset .. Data!



Data Storage

We store your data in a secured Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse. No additional cost of servers or expensive storage on-site


Big data analysis

We do the math for you! We analyse your data using our Machine Learning model to discover anomalies and predict failures


Insights dashboards

We present the analysis results in a cloud-based dashboard. No development efforts required or dedicated IT teams

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Reduction in
Maintenance Costs

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Reduction in Unplanned
Machine Downtime

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Increase in
Staff Productivity

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Improvement in
Downtime Accuracy

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Predictiva's Core

Predictiva use multiple core cloud components to provide you with a seamless data collection, analysis, and presentation experience.

Azure IoT Hub

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure SQL DW

Azure Data Factory

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Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Power BI

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