A Top Performing Model

Investiva achieved unprecedented profits during the testing and simulation period. It succeeded in achieving multiple folds of the initial investment per year, without any human interaction.

Investiva can follow the whole market and can take an arbitrary number of factors into account simultaneously, offering a 24×7 trading experience that is based on facts only, with no emotional trading or market panic actions.

We integrate the scientific knowledge and the professional traders’ best-practices to build a profitable agent while minimising risks.

Why Investiva
Beats Human Traders?

Investiva is based on our quality academic research for using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict financial performance drivers and factors. Winning the best Machine Learning Project Award by IBM at the University of Edinburgh.

Problems with Human Trading

Only 1% of all traders can predictably achieve net profits, and active traders underperform the market index by 6.5% annually.

Humans are not able to follow the market all the time, can’t observe many financial assets at the same time and are prone to emotional trading when the market is moving quickly. Additionally, human traders are not able to simultaneously take several technical and fundamental factors into account and need to learn many subjects to trade successfully.

Current Algorithmic Trading Models are Inefficient

Depending on traditional human monitor and control is becoming increasingly difficult. The currently available “algorithmic trading” models and platforms are mostly rule-based, if/then models.

Rule-based models need human interaction to set several rules before trading and to adjust these rules under different market conditions. Again, leaving a grey area of subjectivity, personal judgement, and mistakes.

Our Solution

A True AI Model

Investiva is a True AI model that learns over time and gains experience. Our customers will be able to enjoy their time without worrying about the markets while gaining a great return on investment using an advanced AI model that continuously learns and adapts to market conditions without having to recode, reconfigure, or customise the model.

Investiva collects live data directly from the markets using the latest stream analytics engines. The platform runs effective and accurate analysis using our advanced AI algorithms. It then takes the trading actions based on the trades with the most promising results.

Investiva Live Trading Results Over 16 Months *

The Numbers Say it All

Investiva P/L

42.26 %

Sharpe Ratio


ESG Score


S&P 500

31.99 %

Dow Jones

16.76 %


24.28 %

Updated live trading results as of March 2024

* Predictiva does NOT provide investment advisory services in any manner or form. Our AI model, Invesitva, (i) is not bank deposits or obligations of or guaranteed by any bank; (ii) is not insured by any governmental agency and (iii) is subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results, prices/invested sum is subject to market risks which may result in appreciation or depreciation. The ownership of any investment decision(s) shall exclusively vest with the Investor after analyzing all possible risk factors and by the exercise of their independent discretion and Predictiva shall not be liable or held liable for any consequences thereof.

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