Achieving sustainable financial success

Predictiva is working towards a future where technology seamlessly enhances human expertise, empowering traders and asset managers to achieve sustainable success through a balanced approach to markets.

Our Vision is to use artificial intelligence to revolutionise financial trading and asset management, establishing a new era of autonomous, data-driven decision-making which brings unmatched financial performance.

Our Mission is to harness Deep Reinforcement Learning technology to democratise advanced financial automated trading strategies by:

  • providing autonomous platforms which continuously learn and adapt to market dynamics, helping asset managers deliver sophisticated trading – regardless of personal expertise.
  • eliminating human emotional biases, to unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability for our users – underpinning every decision with robust, real-time data analysis.

Our Team

Ashraf Attia
Co-Founder & CEO
Maysara Hammouda
Co-Founder & CTO
Natasha Haywood
Client Growth Manager
Gwen Edwards
GRC Manager
Allan Calderwood
Technical Team Lead
Aaron Wang
Deep Learning Engineer
Christy MacKinnon
Deep Learning Engineer
Kristian Feherek
Deep Learning Engineer
Ibrahim Ismail
Software Engineer

The Advisory Board

Walid Magdy, PhD
Data Science Advisor - Associate Professor, University of Edinburgh
Pavlos Andreadis, PhD
RL & ML Advisor - Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Farook Chaka
Financial Advisor, CEO at Watergates
Amr ElAlfy, PhD
Strategy & Commercial Advisor - Professor, University of Waterloo
Mahmoud Abdel-Baky
Legal Advisor, Partner at White & Case
Basem Elewa
Advisor, Islamic Finance

Our Values

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