Fully Autonomous Trading

Cryptiva is built from the ground up with the traders in mind. While Investing in the cryptocurrency market can be a thrilling and profitable experience, it can also be a risky one.

Our proprietary AI trader, “Neuro”, uses Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms to de-risk your cryptocurrency trading, even in complex and dynamic market conditions.

Why Cryptiva

A powerful and fully autonomous trading platform with novel AI algorithms that can learn over time, gain experience, and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

High Volatility in Crypto Markets

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and speculative. It is also one of the most rapidly growing financial markets. There is no precise mechanism to differentiate between scam, obsolete or valuable digital assets.

Manual Trading is Inefficient and Stressful

There are 221 Million crypto users globally, mainly using inefficient manual trading methods based on speculation and emotions.

There is a need to depend more on efficient autonomous self-driven systems that can run with limited direct human supervision and intervention to minimise risks and increase profitability.

Our Solution

AI as a Service – AIaaS

We use the latest AI Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning technologies to achieve predictive financial analytics, leveraging the cloud to provide an enterprise-scale yet easy-to-use platform which automates the analysis and detection of financial trends.

With Cryptiva, you can trade with confidence, knowing that our advanced algorithms are working to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk.

Cryptiva is fully autonomous, with no human intervention.

Trade Crypto in Confidence with Cryptiva

Use our diverse automated trading tools that work in all market conditions for effective portfolio management